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What is Civil Discourse?

Let's start to 'talk the talk'

These days it seems that our world becomes more and more polarizing with every historical event, social issue, and more. Wherever we go, it's inevitable that we will encounter others that don't believe or think identical to us. In order to promote a more civil and peaceful world, we as a society need to start implementing civility within our conversations day by day. 

Civil discourse is engagement in conversations with the approach to better understand. Our goal is to educate, encourage and emphasize the implementation of civil discourse within each individual's community, but especially within the public relations industry. 


As professionals in the public relations industry, our main job is to communicate and represent well. With these as our main responsibilities, we must approach conversations with others in our industry and elsewhere with respect and understanding. Our goal throughout this campaign is to equip students and PR professionals with the skills and resources to set the precedent of positive civil discourse in order to yield expert communication and transparency.


The 2020-2021 Bateman team at Belmont University is aiming to encourage civil discourse in our community and beyond. The resources and content displayed on this site are materials that contribute to a larger public relations campaign strategically planned to achieve the mission.

The team works collaboratively to create a campaign unique to the target audience by using elements of research, social media, design and community partnerships. 




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