Walk the walk: Take action

Mobile Mural: Civility Takes Center Stage

Belmont Bateman team worked alongside the University's designer in order to create a mural that showcased civility on a visual platform to people on campus. The mural was created to be transported to a new location each week leaving the campus to continuously be on the lookout. The mural captures Belmont University's great success of the Final Presidential Debate 2020 and highlights the importance of civil discourse in order to engage the public in a creative and unique approach.  

Take the Pledge

As a part of our effort to engage young professionals and young emerging professionals in civil discourse, our team invites you to take the pledge with us!

Join us and sign the pledge to create a more civil and collaborative community wherever you are by educating your peers, emphasizing the positive impact of civility, and encouraging your peers to also engage in acts of civility with you. Through this pledge, we hope you are able to find a sense of unity with your peers and rise above for universal civility.

College Essay Contest: Use Your Voice

What is civil discourse to you? How do you plan to implement it in your daily life? Why do you feel that it's important?

These questions are the root of what the Bateman team at Belmont is trying to encourage, emphasize and educate on. However, the only way to implement this is to hear and lift up voices within our community. The college essay contest presented is a chance for students to share their thoughts and opinions on civil discourse. Use your voice to share more!

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